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11 Best Places for Seniors to Live Based on YOUR Zodiac Sign

best places for seniors to live
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5. Scorpio: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The water sign Scorpio has a tremendous desire for life and a propensity to be seductive, emotional, and occasionally forceful. By overcoming their anxieties and uncertainties, those born under this sign can rise above difficult circumstances and delve deeply into the meaning of life.

Dubrovnik is one of those cities that is extremely peaceful even though, in some months, it is pretty well visited by tourists from the entire world. Often called the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik is a historical city that is enigmatic, like a Scorpio’s personality.

So, if you’re looking for a place to retire but aren’t quite sure what you should choose, don’t think twice. Because one of the best places for seniors to live is Dubrovnik.

Just to be sure, I’ll add one more thing: the cuisine is excellent here, especially if you like seafood because it’s so fresh, and the clean air is a great bonus for Scorpios who want to spend their golden years in a warm, aquatic location.

Aren’t you entirely sure you want to move to Croatia? We’ll leave here a stupendous travel guide that includes everything you need if you plan on visiting anytime soon. You know, you’ll need to see with your own eyes how amazing this place is. After all, what if the planets are lying to you? 

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