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11 Best Places for Seniors to Live Based on YOUR Zodiac Sign

best places for seniors to live
Photo by Denis.Vostrikov from Shutterstock

2. Aquarius: Auroville, India

People born under this zodiac sign are truth-seekers. They are always in search of people who are honest, true to themselves, and believe in the fact that humanity can be restored. Usually inclined to the artistic side of life, Aquarius-born people are always optimistic and creative. They are also very skilled when it comes to communication, having the ability to understand everybody else.

Now, fellow Aquarius If you’re looking to relocate to a nicer place that might suit your zodiac needs, watch out! One of the best places for seniors to live is in India, in Auroville. Why? Well, besides being a nice and cozy place where the locals are very warm and nice, Auroville is also a place in which you can find what you’ve always sought in life: kindness.

A true Aquarius will travel whenever their appetite for novelty calls. For this purpose, they are intended for the experimental and distinctive settlement of Auroville. The ideal setting for the humanitarian Aquarius is a metropolis designed to bring people of all races and nationalities together.

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