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Don’t Treat Me like an Option Quotes

Being in a relationship with someone means that they are the whole world to you. Somehow, some people have a habit of taking the other person for granted and just treating them as a lame option. They would keep the rest of all the worldly things above the person who loves them.

Such people should be taught a lesson by sending some quotations on don’t treat me like an option. Being a liar and neglected in a relationship definitely hurts and nobody deserves this feeling. You should make the person realize by forwarding relevant quotations that carry some powerful words.

Just because someone desires you, does not mean they value you.

I am not waiting for a Prince. I am waiting for someone who treats me like their Princess.

Don’t be an asshole and then act like you’re doing me a favor by not treating me like one.

I am not option quotes
I am not option quotes

You’re the one and the only one for me. Please don’t make me an option in your life because I will never be.

You still mean everything to me. It doesn’t mean you get to be in my life anymore.

If I treated you the way you treated me, you would hate me.

I don’t need someone perfect. I just need someone who will treat me like I’m the only one.

I am Not option Quotes

Nobody likes the feeling of being ignored and taken for granted. At some or other point in time, we all undergo such experiences. The person who has made you feel should be communicated that they are wrong. Instead of feeling lonely and helpless, you should give them a reply by sending don’t treat me like an option quote. The written words in the proverbs and sayings can help you to overcome the situation.

Nobody can continue loving a person who makes you feel low and Unwanted so often. Instead of being considered as an option, you should tell them that there is no Plan B in your case.

You are worthy and deserve to be treated correctly. Experiencing the feeling of being a second choice will not be entertained. Build up the courage and recommend them to read these quotations.

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

I’m not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice. Don’t ever let me be just an option – Don’t Treat Me like an Option Quotes

The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs

Nobody deserves to be treated like an option Quotes
Nobody deserves to be treated like an option Quotes

You still mean everything to me. It doesn’t mean you get to be in my life anymore.

You made your choice and it wasn’t me, so if one day you try to come back and the choice is mine, it won’t be you.

I’ll love you for eternity, even if I have to wait millions of years; that’s how long I’ll wait for you; you’ll never be an option in my life.

When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort. Not an excuse.

Nobody deserves to be treated like an option Quotes

You will eventually find the person changing their way of treating you after reading these quotations. Tell them that if you are not their priority, it would be better to choose what actually matters to them. You are not an alternative option, instead, you should be made to feel special every day.

Always teach your younger ones to value the feelings of one’s loved ones. Ask them to set limits of tolerance and never continue a relationship that has no care. It is better to get rid of a toxic relationship instead of bearing the agony on a daily basis.

Accept me as I am, or watch me as I go, you choose the second option so don’t cry for me anymore.

If you treat me the way I treat myself, I assure you that I will treat you better than you treat yourself. – Vikrant Parsai

I’m forced to make a choice. With you, I’d rather not. I need to know what to do. I won’t leave your life if you make me a priority.

being considered as an option Quote
being considered as an option Quote

When someone treats you like you’re just one of many options, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation.

Nobody deserves to be treated like an option. Don’t Treat me Like an Option Quotes

Treat me like an option and I’ll make forgetting you my priority. Treat me like a queen and I’ll make you feel like a king

I am not somebody’s go-to person when their Plan A fails. I will never be a plan B.


The relationship between two people should be all about care, love, and determination. Nobody has the right to keep you on foot. After all, love is all about caring seamlessly and appropriately. You should never show that you cannot do without them by taking their bad actions limitlessly.

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