Fishing as a Hobby? 8 Tips Experts Never Tell You

fishing license
Photo by Krasula from Shutterstock

6. Be Aware of the Rules

Once you’re kitted out like an A-grade angler, it’s vital to be aware of regulations when fishing in the US. All anglers, from beginners to experienced, are required to get a fishing license before they take on this activity.

No matter the state where you’ll be fishing, you must get a license. The great news is that these licenses are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

In most US states, you must have a license to spear, bait catch, trap, clam, or fish at all times, whether on a boat or land. And each person who’s participating in fishing or other related activities needs a license.

For instance, if John and Mark are using a seine net to catch bait, both men holding a pole need a license for that. Some exceptions vary by state.


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