8 Clear Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Photo by FOTOGRIN from shutterstock.com

5. Manipulation

There are narcissists who will manipulate their significant others in a way that will help them fulfill their self-absorbed needs, meet some of their ambitions, or even cover up some of their self-perceived weaknesses and flaws.

For instance, some of them want to show off their romantic partners to their friends and family just to make those people jealous. In that case, do they really have feelings for their significant others? Or do they just use them to pretend that they’re happy and have everything they’ve ever wanted?

On the other hand, there are narcissistic people who would do anything they could to convince their partners to let them do the things they want. For example, we’ve read on a forum a comment left by a man and we couldn’t believe what he stated.

He said that he convinced his girlfriend to allow him to live with her rent-free and he also talked her into letting him use her car. Just like we’ve told you, they use manipulation.


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