8 Classic Traits of a Narcissist

Photo by Cookie Studio from shutterstock.com

#6 They Have No Empathy

The inability of narcissists to connect with others is one of their key traits. Narcissists frequently exhibit selfishness and self-interest, and they usually lack empathy. 

They rarely consider how other people could feel since they assume that everyone would be thinking and feeling the same way they do. They also don’t often express regret, guilt, or remorse. Some narcissists also don’t comprehend how emotions work. They are unable to explain the source of their emotions.

They believe that someone or something external to themselves is the source of their emotions. They are unaware that their feelings are the result of their own ideas and perceptions. Simply put, narcissists believe that you are to blame for all of their emotions, especially the bad ones. They draw the conclusion that you are at fault since you disregarded their plan or made them feel exposed.


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