Movies You Should Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Cancer: Romance movie

We had romantic comedies; we have comedies, so the only ones left of this trilogy are romantic movies! And what better choice for one of the most romantic zodiac signs? Cancers are so enamored with love that they absolutely devour these movies.

An amazing movie that they have probably not seen yet is The Blessing Bracelet! This Hallmark classic has everything they would ever want, and it does come from the romance gurus themselves! You know they will have a great time!

Leo: Drama movie

Well, end on a high and talk about the most energetic and dramatic of the zodiac signs. Leos are amazing and intense, and this is why they are the type who will absolutely love a drama movie.

The best movie you could watch with a Leo is A Seven Deadly Sins Story. This movie has everything you would want: drama, it is inspired by true events, and it will keep them on the edge of their seats and keep you along for the ride.

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