9 Best and Worst Husbands Based on Zodiac Signs

zodiac sign
Photo by Olya_Kubeeva from Shutterstock

7. Aries

Unfaithful and cheeky? That’s Aries indeed! Of course, you will benefit from financial protection because men born under the sign of Aries are keen on making money for their families. But that doesn’t mean he is good husband material. They like the idea of marriage, but with time they will discover that it was just an illusion and that monogamy isn’t really their thing. Some of them are trying to be serious and devoted, but they eventually fail, and in the end, they divorce their spouses.

If you’re married to an Aries and you suspect that there’s something wrong with him, talking with them first would be your best course of action. In some cases, couple therapy can solve these issues.



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