12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

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Dream: You’re running late for something very important.

If you work in a deadline-oriented field, then I think this one’s quite self-explanatory. You might want to lose some weight or even reach a level in your career by a certain date.

Dream: You’re pregnant.

You might not even try to have children, and you could still dream of becoming pregnant. In fact, it has nothing to do with trying to have children.

It’s more of a reflection of the fact that something is growing inside of you. It can be genuinely anything, from a new idea to working toward a promotion.

Moreover, a lot of women have this dream when they’re working on something or if they’re about to get into a new relationship.

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  1. I dream I am naked at least twice a week and in my dreams being naked looks and feels perfectly normal to me and from their lack of reaction the others in my dreams feel the same way
    The circumstances and settings from my dreams are random and varied like my life has been. I could be grocery shopping or at my cabin chopping wood. It’s the naturalness that makes it memorable.

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