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12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Handling Narcissistic Behavior dream
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Dream: You’re living a regular day.

A common dream that could turn out to be quite puzzling Living “regular” life events, like going on about your day,

As our brains are limited to only what we know, the way we work through everyday stressors is to make constant references to how we live our day.

Maybe you went to sleep thinking about everything you need to do the next day, or maybe you’ve been arriving late to pick up your child and you’re feeling a bit guilty about it.

What was the overall theme of your dream? What struggles are you facing on a day-to-day basis?

It’s not unusual to construct dreams using what you know, and sometimes they don’t have a deeper meaning. Unless you feel there’s a deeper meaning!

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  1. I dream I am naked at least twice a week and in my dreams being naked looks and feels perfectly normal to me and from their lack of reaction the others in my dreams feel the same way
    The circumstances and settings from my dreams are random and varied like my life has been. I could be grocery shopping or at my cabin chopping wood. It’s the naturalness that makes it memorable.

    1. Sometimes God has to open ourselves to us.You are naked because there are things in your life that you hide from others but deep down you struggle to push them back when God sees and knows all. He is ready to change you and pick you up but you have to surrender to HIM now.

  2. I wake up from a dead sleep like all of a sudden I am terrified I have people standing around me up in my face looking down at me in the bed very scary I have had this dream several times only change in this dream sometimes I see only a glimpse of someone in my room with me when I wake up terrified then this person disappears what does this mean?

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