12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

cheating dream
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Dream: You cheated on your partner.

This could be either alarming or symbolic. From my experience, there’s often some kind of doubt about the other person’s loyalty or the safety of the relationship.

In most cases, it’s something emotional. Betrayal can take many forms, so if you feel that your partner is somehow prioritizing someone else before you or that there’s something you don’t know about, your subconscious might try to pinpoint that.

Dreams are generally a space where we can easily confront the issues in our day-to-day lives, especially the ones we don’t want to confront while awake.

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  1. I dream I am naked at least twice a week and in my dreams being naked looks and feels perfectly normal to me and from their lack of reaction the others in my dreams feel the same way
    The circumstances and settings from my dreams are random and varied like my life has been. I could be grocery shopping or at my cabin chopping wood. It’s the naturalness that makes it memorable.

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