12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

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Dream: You’re spending time with a celebrity.

If the celebrity cameo feels a little bit random, then there’s still a reason why they might be hanging around your subconscious.

Ultimately, there might be something about that person, and you need to find out what it is. Something about their persona is relevant to you right now.

It could be related to one of their movies or a song with a strong message that resonates with you.

Or maybe it’s related to their character. You see something in them that you also see in yourself. Something you appreciate about yourself, maybe.

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  1. I dream I am naked at least twice a week and in my dreams being naked looks and feels perfectly normal to me and from their lack of reaction the others in my dreams feel the same way
    The circumstances and settings from my dreams are random and varied like my life has been. I could be grocery shopping or at my cabin chopping wood. It’s the naturalness that makes it memorable.

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