Superstitions: 11 Things You Should NEVER Buy on Saturdays

Photo by Photoongraphy from Shutterstock

9. Milk

According to astrologers, despite the fact that milk is one of the most nutritionally dense foods, you should never consume it on Saturdays because it brings bad luck. However, if you really like it and you want to drink it, add a tad of sugar to it.

10. Black sesame seeds

Who knew that eating black sesame seeds can bring you bad luck if you eat them on a Saturday? One of the most common offerings to Shani Dev is black sesame seeds. By providing these on a Saturday, he will be happier sooner.

However, consuming black sesame seeds on this day undoubtedly provokes his fury. It is regarded as being on par with dishonoring him. On the other hand, it is lucky to give him the traditional food called laddo on a Saturday, which is made with black sesame seeds.

11. Pickles

On Saturdays, all sour foods are strictly prohibited! Pickles, citrus fruits, yoghurt, cranberries, and kimchi are some of the foods that are sour and consumed on Saturday that are likely to cause health issues. When consuming these things on Saturday, issues like heartburn and bloating arise.

What are the weirdest things on this list? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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