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What Are Angel Numbers and Why Are They Important?


If you are looking for the angel number that is known as the best one in numerology, the divine number, if you will, is going to be number eight!

If you follow the religious train of thought, you would have believed that the number that has the most positive energy and connotation would have been three or seven, yet numerology, as we have discussed before for the number 6, does not follow the same pattern of belief as Christianity.

If you happen to see an angel number with 8 in its formation (be it a pattern or sequence), it is believed that you are connected spiritually to the universe and that you hold power in that area.

For those of us who believe that there is an afterlife, seeing 8 as an angel number can mean that your loved ones who have passed away are coming back to give you a positive sign and support from the afterlife.

Generally speaking, this number is known as the infinity number, as it is the shape of an endless loop that is neverending and signifies the transcending of a singular lifetime.

If you have seen this number around, you should definitely make sure to follow your intuition and be open to the spiritual aspects of life.

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  1. My recurring angel numbers are 1234 I see them twice a day on the clock and occasionally on other things. But my 1234 happens daily. I think it’s pretty cool and Wierd.

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