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What Are Angel Numbers and Why Are They Important?

Have you ever wondered what angel numbers are and why they are so important?

When it comes to angel numbers, a lot of us see them more often than we think, and they end up being more critical than we would have ever believed! This is because we all happen to see 11:11 on our phones, or we end up seeing the song or video we are watching stop at 2:22 exactly, and there are many other instances in our day-to-day lives!

These numbers that are made up of a sequence of the same number (usually when it’s 3 or 4 times in a row) or that come in a specific sequence (like 321 or 8787) are called angel numbers. We all end up wondering a little when we catch these numbers around, and even if you do not know why, they do make you feel a little better.

Angel numbers are known to be enchanted, and in numerology, they hold a lot of symbolism, with a lot of people who practice them knowing that they are a piece of insight into our lives, some direction we should take, or wisdom if we are struggling.

A lot of people assign these angel numbers to actual angels, hence the name, but there are other higher beings to which they are assigned: some believe they are sent by our ancestors or spiritual guides, simple spirits that want to help you, or even loved ones giving you a sign, and some just believe in a higher plane that wants to aid them.

No matter what you link them with, these angel numbers are important, and they can help you shed light or insight into a testy situation in your life or even just confirm that you are going on the right path!

Be it that you believe in angel numbers, you want to see if the ones you keep on seeing are telling you something important, or you are just curious about this numerology activity, make sure you keep on reading to discover more about them!

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  1. My recurring angel numbers are 1234 I see them twice a day on the clock and occasionally on other things. But my 1234 happens daily. I think it’s pretty cool and Wierd.

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