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The 4 Zodiac Elements: What Do They Mean?

zodiac elements
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Earth signs: Top values

If there is one thing that Earth signs value above all else, and that is order, Be it that they want things to be done in a certain way they perceive as the best way to do certain things or that they value the structure certain routines give them, it is indeed something they value a lot.

They are also known to pay close attention to details, so never be surprised when a zodiac sign ruled by this element remembers your birthday, your favorite food, or a desert despite you mentioning it only once in passing.

They thrive on acts of kindness, and they will always want to give you the best birthday gift.

Signs that are ruled by this zodiac element are known to care a lot about sustainability, classics that you can have for ages, secret ingredients, and items that are made to last you a lot due to their quality!

However, they have to be careful not to get too materialistic with their possessions, despite having a reason behind every one of them.

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