9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

Photo by ChameleonsEye from shutterstock.com

7. Numbers Pop Up

Another way in which those from the other realm try to communicate with the living is by making use of the numbers around them. But they do not just use any number to show you a sign that they are with you.

People who have seen this sign say that important numbers that were important to them keep appearing around them, on TV, and even in books! They could be significant ages or dates that have special meaning for you. It can even be the favorite number of the deceased!

While a lot of people say that this is nothing more than just a coincidence, many others believe it has more meaning than it first appears. Which one do you believe in more?


  1. Very nice topic! As a suggestion read all books by Allan Kardec, a French philosopher (1800’s) who talks about those experiences with our loved ones who have passed and are now in spirit, living in the spirit realm. “The Spirit’s Book” talks about us as spirits living there. Hope it will be helpful.


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