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Are You an Empath? Here Are 6 Signs and Traits to Look Out For

Have you ever wondered if you are an empath or just more empathetic than others?

Most people have empathy for those around them; however, some of us have a lot more than others. Empaths end up not only understanding and adopting people’s emotions around them as if they were their own, but they can also inadvertently not realize they are doing it.

It is said that empaths end up experiencing the world in different ways than people who are not, and this can be both a bad and a good thing. If you find that you’re often the person who is most in tune with others’ feelings and you end up adopting their emotional state as if it were yours, then you may also be one!

While you may be more sensitive, it could also happen that you’re a true empath and do not realize it. To help you see if you are one of the people who are more than highly in tune with others’ feelings, we have brought you the definite signs experts say make you an empath!

Do you get overwhelmed easily when people have too strong an emotion? Share your experience in the comments!

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