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9 Signs Your Partner Manipulates You a LOT

You might find it pretty easy to spot whether one of your friends is being manipulated by their partner or not. That’s because you’re objective and you can see things clearly, without your perception being troubled by your feelings.

But when it comes to your own relationship, things are way different, because sometimes you don’t even want to admit that there are problems between you and your significant other.

Besides that, when you’re with someone who keeps manipulating you, there’s a high chance that you don’t even see or feel it.

But do you know what manipulation in a relationship actually means? Experts say that emotional manipulation happens when one of the partners tries to make the other one behave in a way that they like, and typically it involves techniques like dramatic scenes, threats, and gaslighting.

So how can you be sure that you’re part of a healthy relationship? Is your partner manipulating you? Let’s find out together!

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