12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

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Dream: Your teeth are suddenly falling out.

If you’re an anxious person, then your anxiety might show up in the form of a dream. We might be tempted to interpret this kind of dream in a bad way: that we’re losing our competence, strength, power, or abilities.

This dream could also imply that something will change in your life.

Dream: You’re being chased.

When you’re dreaming of this, it all comes down to who’s doing the chasing. Sometimes, people are chased by a monster.

The monster might represent an indiscretion, an addiction, or even debt. If you have the unfortunate dream of being chased by someone you actually know, then it could mean something else. You might try to look into those associations. They might reveal a lot. Are you curious to learn more about dream and their meaning? Here’s a book you need to read!

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  1. I dream I am naked at least twice a week and in my dreams being naked looks and feels perfectly normal to me and from their lack of reaction the others in my dreams feel the same way
    The circumstances and settings from my dreams are random and varied like my life has been. I could be grocery shopping or at my cabin chopping wood. It’s the naturalness that makes it memorable.

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