7 Things That Bring Good Luck and Prosperity into Your Home

good luck
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6. Adopt a cute bamboo!

One of the most acknowledged feng shui plants is bamboo. You really can’t go wrong with this extremely adaptable plant since, besides making a lovely addition to your home, it is also said to improve mood, energy, and peace of mind.

Don’t fret about bamboo being super hard to take care of because, together with orchids, money trees, and palms, they don’t require too much attention. Just a bit of water and a lot of light!

7. Horseshoes

For some extra good luck, my grandparents used to hang horseshoes over the front door. And while it seemed like a weird habit, I was surprised at how much of a good life they had in that house. No fights, no bad vibes, and I guess all the grandchildren felt that! Because I wanted to keep the same tradition and follow these steps, I did the same in my home. The trick is to hang the horseshoe pointed upwards so the luck won’t run away from our family.

What do you think about these superstitions? Do you happen to follow some of them?

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