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Best Therapy Choices for the 12 Zodiac Signs

These therapy choices may be the best choice for your zodiac sign!

Not all therapy choices are for everyone, and the faster we realize and accept this, the better it will be in the long run! While a lot of people find the prospect of going to a therapist helpful, a lot of us are aware that it is not the best course of action for us specifically.

Does this mean that you should not seek therapy for your needs? No, not at all! It means that the therapy choice for you may look extremely different than for others.

While some may say that your zodiac sign does not play any part in this, we know that certain traits are shared among all people born under the same sign!

So, if you have been wandering aimlessly and do not know what therapy choice to make, keep on reading!

We have detailed which therapy choices are best for each of the twelve zodiac signs, and depending on which is your moon or sun sign, some of them will definitely speak to you!

What types of therapy choices have you made over the years? Are they more conventional or more out of the box? Let us know the story behind your therapy choices in the comments below!

Scorpio – Kundalini yoga

Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto, and they are known to be all about self-mastery. This zodiac sign is known to be deep, mysterious, magnetic, and, above all, determined.

A great therapy choice for them would be Kundalini yoga. Different from other types of yoga, Kundalini yoga focuses on the spine, as Kundalini means “coiled,” and it references the energy at the base of the spine, which is represented by a serpent.

The point of this type of yoga is to get those who practice it to uncoil and release the energy at the base of the spine, all the way to the top of the head (from the root chakra to the crown chakra).

For Scorpios, this exercise, which combines movement and breathing, is a challenge that they will thrive committing to, both mentally and physically.

Sagittarius – Light grids

Known to be always on the go, Sagittarius would rather be going somewhere else and be in perpetual motion than stop and sit with their emotions for too long. They deem it a waste of time, and while they are known for their optimism and adventure sense, they also need to know how to take it easy.

The therapy choice for them that is going to be beneficial is going to be light grids. This therapy method works with your subconscious to be able to release any energy blocks and connect you with your inner self.

Known to be amazing for understanding yourself better, light grids are the best for Saggitatius.

Capricorn – CranioSacral therapy

Known as the most dedicated and driven zodiac sign, Capricorn will not stop at anything to achieve what they put their heads to. This means that they have a great work ethic, but it also means that they can end up overworked and full of tension, putting aside their self-care.

For this zodiac sign, the therapy choice would be CranioSacral therapy, which works to restore the energy in the body by relieving the blocked pathways and relaxing the tension stored deep in the body.

It is beneficial for relieving pain, as you may have too much stored tension in your muscles. As it is often used with osteopathy, Sagittarius signs can benefit from relaxation and rebalance after a CranioSacral therapy session.

Aquarius – Sound healing

Aquarius has always been the free spirit of the zodiac signs, and we always admire how they stay true to themselves no matter what. However, as independent and self-sufficient as they can be, they can come across as too detached and uninterested.

A great therapy for them would be sound healing, which will help them heal on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level through the means of different instruments and sounds produced by items, the most popular ones being drums, bells, chimes, crystal singing bowls, and even gongs.

The idea behind it is that the frequencies emitted by these objects and instruments will work at a cellular level, promoting relaxation and, with it, the healing effects of sound.

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Pieces – Tarot

Probably the biggest dreamer of the zodiac, Pieces are known to have their hand in both the material and the mystical worlds. They are also known to think and believe the best in other people, so when reality does not align with their ideal version, they get disappointed.

Since they can also be prone to having low self-esteem and limiting self-belief, Pieces would do best with a therapy choice like Tarot therapy.

Not only will tarot therapy appeal to these zodiac signs, but they will also find it easy to relate to them due to their artistic and imaginative nature. This type of therapy will allow these zodiac signs to recognize and break the destructive habits they may have, along with any destructive cycles they could be repeating.

The best course of action is to do this type of therapy with a tarot therapist.

Aries – Yoga

For the overthinking Aries, there is no other therapy choice better than yoga! Associated with the head due to their ruling planet Mars, Aries are known to be overthinkers and daydreamers and to let their minds wander, which can lead to intense feelings of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

For this exact reason, yoga is the best choice as a therapy form, as it can achieve the union of the mind, spirit, and body. Through yoga, they will practice active meditation, which will help calm down their racing minds and restore the balance between their thoughts and feelings.

That way, they can push away that overwhelming feeling and come back into the present. This therapy choice is a holistic practice that will both help the mind and the body!

If you plan to pick up any form of yoga, make sure you get a good mat so that you do not injure your knees. This one from Amazon is affordable and stylish!

Taurus –  Aromatherapy

Governed by the planet Venus, Taurus signs are known to crave comfort and to feel at ease in life.

Sometimes the best therapy choice is to get some ‘me” time, and for Taurus, this translates into aromatherapy. Making some time for yourself, no matter how busy your week may be, is exactly what this earth sign needs and an aromatherapy massage is the perfect solution.

The fragrances will help relax and soothe their mind and spirit while bringing them back on track with life, back to “earth,” so to speak, which is the element that resonates with the energy the most.

Gemini – Qoya

Because Geminis are known to be in constant change, which is to be expected from one of the four mutable signs of the zodiac, However, despite being such fast thinkers and adaptable to all situations, it is also to their detriment: Geminis do not know how to relax sometimes!

This is exactly why they should look into Qoya, which is the therapy choice a lot of Geminis have found most useful for them.

Qoya is defined as a movement practice that allows one to express themselves through dance. It is a very creative therapy choice that will encourage the person practicing to express themselves while also getting them to channel their energy into the present.

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Cancer – Nutritional healing

Cancers are known to be emotionally charged and highly intuitive. While they are empathic, this can lead to them finding solace in food to deal with the stress of life and other harsh energies of life.

Since they can end up having quite an unhealthy relationship with food, the best therapy choice for them is nutritional healing!

They will learn how food can influence the body and what the effects of it are on it. It will be an important lesson for cancer patients to understand how much emotions play a role in their food choices and how their bodies will process said foods when they are overly emotional.

Nutritional healing will teach them to have a better relationship with food, teach them mindful eating, and thus reduce their physical and emotional stress. This is not about diets, but rather about nurturing a good relationship with your body and food.

Leo – Metta Bhavana

Leos are known to be some of the most driven and determined zodiac signs out there. They know how to be their best selves, and they take pride in the fact that they will achieve everything they put their heads to. However, when their expectations are not met, be they about themselves or others, they will end up having some problems, be they emotional or physical.

This is why their therapy choice should be Metta Bhavana, also known as Loving Kindness Meditation. Originating from a Buddhist tradition, this form of mediation can be done by anyone, regardless of religion or lack of religious affiliation.

The goal of Metta Bhavana is to cultivate love and compassion and teach people to appreciate everything and everyone they have around them while also making peace with going with the flow. This will help the too-dominant Leos find more peace in their daily lives.

Virgo – Psychotherapy/counselling

While we have been talking about a lot of unconventional therapy choices, for some zodiac signs, the more traditional ones are the best choices. And when we talk about the very analytical Virgos, this translates into psychotherapy and/or counseling.

This therapy choice will help Virgos get in touch with their emotions and stop choosing the practicality of things over their feelings.

A great therapist will help this zodiac sign understand themselves and their psyche better, along with removing any emotional or personal blocks they may have.

This is exactly what this zodiac sign needs to manage to connect with their inner ego and reach a deep sense of self-realization and empowerment.

Libra – Art therapy

Since Libras are all about harmony and diplomacy, this sign needs to learn to express themselves without wanting to keep the peace or care about the other person.

As Libes need a true form of self-expression, art therapy is the best choice for them, as this is going to help them communicate more easily.

The best part of this therapy choice is that once their masterpiece is revealed, a licensed therapist will be able to help them understand the symbolism and deeper meaning behind their art.

This type of therapy is great for channeling their energy into creating something beautiful while letting their subconscious take over without having to worry about anything and getting more insight into themselves.

If you have been trying to understand your zodiac sign better but do not know where to start, it is worth looking into your zodiac element! To find out more about them, what they mean, and how you can practice self-care in the best way based on this, make sure you read this article here!

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