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Strong Aura: 7 Unique Traits That Make You Highly Attractive

Inspiring Wishes presents: signs you have a strong aura!

We live in a world where first impressions can be quite important. You see someone for the first time and then think about whether you want to see them again or not.

But what’s interesting is that some individuals have something special about them. A unique trait that makes others drawn to them like moths to flames. Is something that you might not be able to explain, but you know you want to see them again.

That’s a strong aura. It’s the feeling or the quality that surrounds you. Think of it as a special trait, as the first impression you give off to someone. Spiritual books say that when someone has a strong aura and emanates confidence, love, and desire, it makes people attracted to them.

The thing is that you can already have a strong aura naturally because that’s who you are, but you can also create one. You can learn and reprogram your mind and soul to give off the impression that you have this special trait.

It might not be simple, but it’s doable, and I’m going to give you all the tips you need. Without further ado, here are all the signs you have a strong aura (or the things you need to work on to improve your special trait):

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1. You’re positive

Nobody likes being surrounded by negative people who complain all the time, who behave like victims, and who think nothing works in their favor. Don’t get me wrong, these are completely understandable feelings and it’s natural to feel this way every once in a while, but always seeing the glass half empty isn’t good for yourself or those around you whatsoever.

If you’re positive and you try your best to see the bright side in every situation, it means you have a strong aura. People are naturally attracted to those who are cheerful and who are more likely to see the best in someone, even if it might not be the most pleasant situation. These people are bubbly, fun to be around, and uplifting.

2. You’re confident

If you’ve read any of our articles or follow life coaches or motivational social media pages, you already know that confidence is one of the most popular words in the world. And if we’re being honest, it’s not an exaggeration, because being confident might not come naturally, but it helps you go easier through life.

Being confident doesn’t mean being superficial and thinking that you’re better than other people; it means knowing what you bring to the table, how you perceive yourself, how you talk and think about yourself, believing in your values, and giving those around you space to express themselves.

strong aura
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3. You have a lot of gratitude

Another sign you have a strong aura is gratitude. These people are extremely grateful for what they have and who they are, although they always strive for the best, and it shows in the way they speak and act.

This thankfulness keeps you rooted in your essential values and characteristics. You know that other people are important too, and you try your best to honor them, to show them you care, and to be thankful to have them in your life.

Moreover, you don’t complain or gripe about why things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. You know how to see the positive side in everything, how to try again and make changes to reach your goal, and how to make the little things in life matter.

4. You want to learn as much as you can

People who have a strong aura are constantly trying to improve themselves to make their work better, their lives happier, and their days more enjoyable. They’re all about growth and little changes that will guide them to their ideal versions of themselves.

One way to help them reach this goal is through constant learning. And not only the academic type of learning, although that’s important too. But there is a constant desire to evolve, to learn from mistakes or other people’s experiences, and to put everything to good use.

5. You’re charismatic

People who have a strong aura are also appreciated by others, thanks to their charisma. Their aura is automatically affected by their charm, which is so powerful and positive.

However, what is charisma? Think of it like a natural charm—something that makes you unique and interesting and helps people remember you. Is basically a quality that makes you likable and fun to be around.

If you have a strong aura, it means that you don’t work hard to make this charm yours; it comes naturally and effortlessly. This quality typically works incredibly well on people who are the opposite gender, so if you’re looking for a date, use your charisma, because it’s going to bring some magic into your life.

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6. You’re enthusiastic

Have you ever been around people who were so passionate about something, whether it was their family, their businesses, their hobbies, a new book, or basically anything you can be passionate about?

These people make you feel uplifted and excited about your passion, make you want to do things, try to get out of your comfort zone, and chase your wildest dreams. These people have a strong aura, and they don’t shy away from trying new things that might bring them joy.

Their vibrations are so high that they find comfort and happiness in everything they do. Even though they might feel overwhelmed, they know how to see the good in something and when to take a break to replenish their energy levels.

If you’re one of those people with contagious enthusiasm, there’s a high chance you have a strong aura, and others can feel it from a distance. You’re lucky because many will see you as an inspiration!

7. You’re cheerful and playful

The majority of people have fun when they’re young. They might think that adult life requires seriousness and boundaries, and while that’s 100% true, you still need to be bubbly at times. It makes life easier and better. At least in some cases.

Many people forget this quality as they grow older. Only a few know when they shouldn’t take themselves seriously when to have a good laugh, and when to take a moment to be playful. These special individuals have a strong aura, and their attitude is so radiant and contagious that it makes other people want to be playful too.

These people can make it a point to cheer themselves up and feel better, even in difficult situations. Your aura is positively influenced by a spark that you possess, so pay attention to that and use the magic in you because it’s special.

Do you have a strong aura? Leave a comment down below and let us know! If you want to change your reality and have a strong aura that everyone around you will love, take a look within and find the things that make you happy, as well as those that make you sad.

Analyze them and try to think positive thoughts each day, regardless of how hard or silly it might seem. Be grateful for what you have, learn from everything around you, be positive, smile, and don’t forget to have fun! Everything will be fine, and you’ll have that strong aura you want!

If you want to know more about this topic, here’s a fantastic book that will help you understand your aura and how to work with it. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to check out something else from Inspiring Wishes, here’s a good post for you: There Is a Tarot Card for All 12 Zodiac Signs. Here’s Yours

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