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9 Signs Your Beloved Deceased Pet Still Cares for You

Your beloved deceased pet may not be physically with you, but their soul is still there…

Grieving your pet involves challenging and complex emotions. You loved him or her unconditionally, and chances are you feel that no one will truly understand you the way they did.

Your pet came without conflict, and their presence brought joy and peace into your life. You feel unfulfilled without your beloved friend, and you find yourself daydreaming, wishing to connect with them again.

Pets are a mirror, especially when it comes to dogs and cats; they are a reflection of their owner. Just as we have auras, our pets have an energetic field surrounding them. That’s why, no matter how awful your day was, when you come home and see your pet, life doesn’t seem so horrible anymore.

By receiving a psychic reading or opening your third eye, you’ll notice the signs that your deceased pet is still with you. Pets tend to pick up on the behaviors and emotions of their owners. Thus, our auras can influence our pets, and vice versa.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the energetic field of your pet can remain around long after their passing. Check this out!

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