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8 Telltale Indications Your Soul Has Returned Several Times

…Do you believe in reincarnation?

How nice would it be to live multiple lives, one after another? It would be amazing to have the opportunity to live forever on this planet and get to know everything that surrounds us. But what if it’s true and you’re living a second life?

The cycles of nature— both day and night; the orbits of the sun, the Earth, the moon, and stars — all of them demonstrate the laws of reincarnation. At least, this is what experts in this domain say.

Every day, we see the reincarnation cycle doing its magic: a plant grows and matures, withers, and then scatters its seeds. They germinate underground, and then bring up a fresh cycle of life. It seems like reincarnation connects with nature and also with people every single day.

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