8 Signs Your Wife Is Already Manipulating You

Photo by DreamBig from Shutterstock

5. She uses your weaknesses against you

How do you know your wife has a manipulative personality? She uses your weakness as a weapon against you. She knows how much you love your daughter, so every time you two have a disagreement, she calls her complaining about the awful things her dad did and how mean he can be.

Your wife knows that this is hurting you, but that’s exactly what she wants. She may even be hurting your daughter, but she doesn’t care; she only cares to teach you a lesson.

This may seem almost evil, and you might not have realized that this was actually happening to you, but manipulative women can be very selfish. They use your weaknesses to get their work done. As your wife, she definitely knows a lot of things about you, so she brings them up during a fight to hurt you where you’re most vulnerable.

She would make a show of your failures while comparing you to the men in her family. This often ends with you feeling like you’re incompetent. A manipulative wife would even refuse to give you the help you ask for just because you haven’t lived up to her expectations.


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