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The ONE Life-Changing Mantra for Each Zodiac Sign

positive affirmations
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Capricorn- “I am proud of myself and how many things I achieved until now!”

When it comes to positive affirmations for Capricorns, it’s really hard to satisfy them. They tend to thrive on perfection, and if they do something wrong, deep down they will always regret it.

Do you know any Capricorns who need to hear this? Every time you see them sad or unsatisfied about how their life turned out to be, just tell them, “You should be proud of yourself and of all the things you’ve achieved until now!”

Since Capricorns, most of them are at least workaholics; they love appreciation from their colleagues, their boss, and their families as well.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself more if you’re a Capricorn; we don’t need others to praise us, we can do it ourselves!

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