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7 Popular Women’s Fashion Choices That Men Hate

popular women's fashion choices
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1. Wide leg pants

Let’s start with this popular women’s fashion choice by talking about wide-leg pants. We might love them because they’re comfy and they look good with every single type of shoe you want to wear, such as heels, boots, sandals, trainers, and so many other things.

This type of clothing item is stylish, and you can dress it up or down, but many men find it unflattering, maybe because it hides your feminine figure and they can’t see your shape very well.

Some of them even believe that wide-leg pants are out of fashion. For instance, one time, my best friend was visiting us, and she wore a pair of wide-leg jeans. My husband saw her, and he was just about to tell my friend that she should pick up the phone because the 80s are calling.

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