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6 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

…Do you want to be swept off your feet?

Romance can come to you at any given time, without you expecting it. You can find love exactly when you couldn’t care less and your life will completely change. Someone will come to you and will make you feel the happiest you’ve ever been.

This means that romance can come to you in many forms. Some people prefer to show it by giving their partners flowers, chocolate, or jewelry, while others prefer something that seems more intimate and meaningful, such as going on a date in the same spot where you met for the first time.

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  1. I think there is a lot of over-generalizing here. I think there should be some added phrases like “some (whatever)”, and “usually”. It just is not worded realistically. Not all signs are the same. I am an Eastern sign that is very different than my Western sign. I act much much more like my “Chinese” sign.
    People should be appreciated for their entire self, not just because of how good they are in bed. What if they are good in bed, but they are mean to the dog? Or do they Criticize too much? Is that worth the good in-bed part?

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