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7 Dangerous Ways Narcissists Can Manipulate You

Can you recognize the traits of narcissistic behavior?

You’ve probably heard a lot about this subject lately, but how much do you really know about it? Therapists say that we tend to fall into the same old patterns when it comes to our love lives. And if you don’t know how to break this circle, you won’t be able to be happy. This happens to people who have relationships with narcissists. What are the traits of this behavior? Why is this toxic for a human being? Are you controlled by one? It’s crucial to know the differences between a selfish person and a full-on narcissist or sociopath.

Read on to find out how these people manage to control and dominate their partners in so many destructive ways, and more importantly, how you can handle the situation.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sending this email about narcissism. Sadly a close female family member is married to a narcissist. She is so battered that she doesn’t realize how entrenched she is in toxic relationship. She knows she’s unhappy but has no fight left in her. She won’t confide in me anymore because he has poisoned her against me. Again thank you so much for this advice

  2. Dear M.G.,

    Great, helpful article. If your true mission is narcissist awareness, please consider changing one of the two stock images in the article to that of a man gaslighting a woman. It is a stereotype that women are controlling over men and their husbands, but the scenario can also be flipped with the woman being put under narcissistic abuse in a familial or romantic relationship with a male identifying person. Please consider bringing awareness to narcissistic personality disorder being possible in both men and women. Would you consider making the first of the two stock photos in the article the one depicting a male with NPD and a female victim of the abuse to help correct this cultural misconception between gender and NPD. This could help so many women not talk themselves out of identifying a person in their lives with NPD!!

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