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7 Creepy Signs a Thief Is Watching Your House

…Have you ever felt terrified that a thief might be watching your house?

I don’t know what other people think, but there were times in my life when I was really paranoid about burglars breaking into my house.

Not only was I scared that they would steal my things, but I was terrified thinking that they might break in when I was home and hurt me while trying to get away.

Maybe I’ve watched too many action movies and I was living a little too much in my head, but I prefer to believe another variant.

I used to live in an apartment, and I wasn’t scared about being home alone, especially if I knew that my door was locked and I was friends with my neighbors.

But something changed when I moved to a different place with my partner and some apartments were broken in the building. The first night I was home alone after that time, I kept going to the door to check if it was locked, and I barely got any sleep.

But things don’t have to be the same for you!

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