7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

Photo by Eva March from Shutterstock

The one who doesn’t care about anything

What’s the point of being friends with someone, if they don’t care about ANYTHING? They never call to see what you’ve been up to, they have 0 interest in your life, not to mention you never get to hear a “Happy Birthday” or a “Merry Christmas” from them.

Even if these things don’t seem like a lot, they are. As I said before, no one is 100% perfect, and they might act like this without even realizing that it could bother them.

However, you shouldn’t always be the one that calls, the one that’s invested in the friendship, and so on.

A real friend will always find the time for you. The best thing you can do is stop calling them for a while, to see if there’s any kind of interest that comes from the other side.


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