8 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

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For a child, the most important person in the world is their mother. A mother is a symbol of love, support, and attention. But when you have a narcissistic mother, it will be difficult to grow up in a good environment. She will be mostly focused on herself, putting herself first and ignoring the needs of her children completely.

Various psychological tests reveal that the relationship we have with our parents is the main influence on how we will develop as adults and how we will interact with the people around us.

Furthermore, since childhood, we have formed our attachment style, and when we are raised by a narcissistic mother, this is going to be completely messed up. In most cases, a child who is raised in a narcissistic environment is going to deal with emotional abuse that will lead to low self-esteem and anxiety as an adult.

In this article, we will show some of the major signs of what a narcissistic mother looks like. And be aware and emotionally prepared, because some of them are very painful to read.


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