These Are the 9 Angriest Zodiac Signs (Astrologers Say)

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8. GeminiĀ 

Geminis are typically happy, energetic, and curious: they’re just like bees who juggle multiple flowers. They don’t like getting bored, so they’re constantly looking for new things in their lives, whether it’s jobs, hobbies, or passions.

Do you know that some experts say that you are your own competition? Well, that’s exactly the case with this zodiac sign. Their own worry is the root of the problem.

They get irritated due to the nervous energy they feel when they are in a dangerous position they can’t control. When something like this happens, they quickly shift their position, become feisty, act carelessly, and become agitated.

When Geminis feel furious, they need to speak it out, even if it means talking in circles with themselves (and the person they’re angry with).

However, they have pure intentions and aren’t interested in causing any harm. Do you have any Gemini people in your life? Tell us in the comments!



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