8 Signs Your Wife Is Already Manipulating You

Photo by Phovoir from Shutterstock

8. She’ll never apologize

Even if you finally prove to her that she was wrong, a manipulative wife will never apologize. It’s too much for her ego. She will just never say the word, “sorry.” Instead, she would go silent or justify her actions as a way of telling you that she’s hurt.

By willfully not responding to your text messages and calls, she will make you second-guess your own point of view on the matter. So you’ll end up thinking, “What if she was right?” Perhaps you’ll even conclude you weren’t right to blame her.

Manipulative people want things their way, and proving them wrong about something just triggers their emotions. Such people find it extremely hard to admit their mistakes or apologize for them. Plus, when caught in an unfavorable situation, they start playing the victim card.

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