8 Signs You Date Someone Who’s Toxic

toxic relationship
Photo by Yeexin Richelle from shutterstock.com

…Have you ever dated someone who was toxic?

You sure know about the words “toxic relationship,”  whether you really experienced something like this or if you simply heard them in movies or while talking to your friends and family.

When you hear someone else’s story, you might think that there’s something weird going on, because there’s no way to not notice that someone doesn’t act in a gentle way.

But believe it or not, it’s actually very hard to be aware that the person you want to share your life with is actually a toxic one.

According to relationship experts, a person who’s considered toxic is someone who is very bitter, mischievous, and destructive towards people around them.

…Want to know what a toxic relationship is? You’ll get the answer on the next page!


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