8 Signs You Chose a Bad Therapist

Photo by denis kalinichenko from shutterstock.com

#8 Divided Attention That Disrupts the Session

It would be ideal if you received your therapist’s undivided attention during the session. After all, you’re spending money on them to support your transformation efforts.

This can occasionally be complicated, particularly with telehealth. A session may be interrupted, for instance, if an internet connection is unreliable or bad due to probable reliability issues. 

A clinician should let you know if they expect any problems that are beyond their control and present a backup plan. A therapist is not interested in you if they keep switching their focus between you and your session.

Nobody anticipates that someone will always remain the same. Every new stage of your life has something distinctive and completely different to offer. You should read the following if you’re curious about the top turn-offs for senior folks: 9 Biggest Turns-Offs for People Over 50s


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