Here Are the 6 Most Egocentric Zodiac Signs (Astrologists Say)

Leo zodiac sign
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6. Leo

The sun, symbolizing the ego, rules Leo, so it seems to reason that they would be at the top. Experts say that Leos are very attentive to their own goals and requirements, and they don’t like spending time with people who aren’t goal-focused and determined to have a successful career.

When a Leo is in love, they will do everything in their power to help their partner, even if this means leaving their own things for later.

However, they like to be told that they’re right and they like to talk about the things they’re good at. You can’t be around a Leo and complain that there’s something at work you don’t understand. They’re more likely to stop you from venting and tell you what you should be doing instead.

Even though their knowledge and positive attitudes are very appreciated, if they don’t know when to stop talking, they can seem self-absorbed, egocentric, and show-off.

Another thing about Leos is that some of them don’t have empathy and they can only pretend that they understand other people.


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