Diwali Essay in English (100/200) Words | Paragraph, Sentences

Few Lines on Diwali Essay
Few Lines on Diwali Essay

Students get to write Diwali essay on topics my favourite Diwali essay in English 100 words in order to make others understand better about this festival in short paragraph. They get such topics that vibrantly tells about the importance of these festivals as a part of Hindu religion.

Also, with the help of these, they are able to write a short essay on Diwali in English for 100 words. It is important to also be among those people who promote our ethical background and outrage the necessity of one’s own culture, this chauvinism brings about a change in society and today’s generation feel connected to it.

Diwali Essay in English in 100 Words for School

Diwali has been a vibrant festival, a festival that everyone has a keen interest in, it is also a perfect festival to celebrate it with family. In schools, it is given huge importance and students are informed to write a paragraph on Diwali in limited words.

Students are required to often find out Diwali vacation essay in English in specific word limit example 100 words or 200 words limit, and sometimes assignment is assigned as per the requirement of teachers.

It is also seen that students are asked to write an article on Diwali as well for the sake of competitions held in schools be it interschool or in other schools.

Diwali has a crucial place to hold in our hearts, and so does in our education system. Therefore, on Diwali, various kind of activities are assigned to students including writing Diwali essay in English in 100 words or my favourite festival Diwali essay in English.

Diwali Paragraph In English Words
Diwali Paragraph In English Words

What is Diwali in 100 Words

In school’s various competition are held regarding this festival, students are given a topic on Diwali and they have to find Diwali information in English to understand and frame proper sentence or lines on Diwali.

To write up or start an article on Diwali you should include some points like Rama and his stepmother promises, conditions that were made up at that time and the reason why we celebrate Diwali, What Diwali Actually Means. Diwali composition and Diwali information in English could be possible finding as it belongs to the religious background and it is written in our Vedas too that how we celebrate Diwali and in which Hindu month does Diwali falls.

Basically, kekayi, stepmother of Rama took a promise from Rama’s father Dashratha that whatever she will wish he will have to grant that.

In return, she asked for a favour to make Bharat as the king and send Rama to exile, and when lord Rama returned from exile after 14 years he was welcomed by the whole Ayodhya.

When Lord Rama returned, he was warmly welcomed by the people of Ayodhaya and was known among each citizen, this was because firstly he was always loved by the public,

Secondly, he vanished all the evils and came up like a warrior. And later it was seen that on this occasion people celebrated it as a festival. The whole city was lighten up by decorations and celebrations all over. They all lit up lamps and what not to make their homes shine like a star and they made and distributed sweets all over the city and this is when the Diwali begin to get celebrated.

How Diwali Begain – Diwali Essay
Few Lines for Diwali Celebration In English
Few Lines for Diwali Celebration In English

Why is Diwali Celebrated

Each and every Hindu festival has a long ledged festival story outlined after almost all the Hindu festivals, it is also seen that we celebrate each festival in a different manner, for instance, how do we celebrate Diwali is different from how we celebrate Holi. Diwali composition varies from what other festival’s composition.

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated on the occasion when Lord Rama returned from vanvaas. While writing down the Deepavali paragraph in English within 200 words, you have to keep in mind the Rama was dear to every citizen therefore on his return people started celebrating that day as Deepavali. This kind of information helps you to complete the article, also benefits in scoring better.

Returning of Lord Rama was one of the best things happen in life of Ayodhaya Citizens and they wanted to tagline this day so that they could celebrate it every year. And the tradition followed by ages. Diwali has been a festival well known for lights and sweets. Because lights symbolise positivity whereas sweets symbolise happiness.

These traditions followed have changed throughout years but few things remaining constant. There is a pooja held on Diwali in every Indian’s house. They pray for their family wellbeing and for a prosperous life.

Diwali Essay In 100 Easy Words
Short Diwali Essay in 100 Words
Short Diwali Essay in 100 Words

Short Diwali Essay for Kids in 50-75 Words

Essay on Diwali celebration could also be searched via the internet, it briefs you about how and what should be the procedure that eventually evaluates you write about Diwali history in English or other languages.

Kids are given to write a topic on Diwali and to write about certain things like in Why Diwali is Important, Why it is called festival as Victory of True over Lies so that they get rooted with our culture and religious boundaries and they get familiar to that.

Diwali in Schools have been a great source of entertainment. There is various fancy dress Competitions, Essay writings, Decorations and what not on Diwali. Schools are decorated and students are given opportunity to showcase their talents in crafts, Rangolis, diya making competition and many more.

There is various sort of plays on Ramyana that depicts life of Rama and how he managed to fight with evils. This is indirect way to inculcate our vedas and sanskars into little children. They learn a lot through these practices and make themselves known to our religioned based Stories.

Deepavali Essay in Simple English Language

Essay on My Favourite Festival Diwali in Short

In order to write an essay on my favorite festival Diwali or to find out Diwali history in English to know about the real reason why we celebrate Diwali and why do we like to celebrate all the Hindus festival, but Diwali on the topmost priority, you can all find on Wikipedia.

Teachers are informed to give topics to students so that they could write the story of Diwali in English and also essay on religious festivals that elaborate nothing but the importance of all these festivals and as a symbol of joy.

Few Words on Diwali
Few Words on Diwali

On Diwali, we decorate our homes using diyas and bulbs. Nowadays coloured lighting is available to decorate our homes. People make Rangoli and prepare sweets at home. They exchange gifts with their loved ones and send them blessings and wishes praying for their prosperity and happiness.

Crackers have a major role to play on Diwali. Crackers are burnt and new clothes are purchased on this occasion. Blankets are donated to the homeless and orphans as it is counted as a part of spreading happiness. For those who don’t know Diwali, it means a bucket full of happiness and blessings enriching other’s lives.

My Favourite Diwali Festival

Diwali Essay in English for Class 4

Diwali is of great essence in our country which initially leads to a point that it should be known to each and every Hindu or Person who celebrate this festival. Therefore, primary classes itself start teaching about this festival and informed to write like Diwali essay in English for class 4 or other classes as well.

Diwali for pre-schoolers is the most interesting they get to dress fancy and make Diwali celebration in such a manner that they get inherited with stories of Diwali from the very beginning and make sure that they do understand the importance of Diwali from thereon.

On Diwali, lights, Crackers and Diyas play a key role. Each and every house is decorated using Diyas and many more Eco -friendly sorts of things. Every time Diwali comes it comes along with a theme, for Instance it is a festival well known for removing negatives of our life.

Likewise, mother earth is burning because of plastic and pollution so the theme being use of Eco-friendly methods, objects and crackers that really add up to causes of pollution. Majorly it is kept in mind that without harming Mother Earth, we must have the fullest enjoyment and happiness with our families. So many Agencies NGO uses Green Diwali Slogans to make everyone aware about pollution and health of Mother Earth.

Deepavali Essay for Standard 4th Class
Avoid Cracker Have Safe Diwali
Avoid Cracker Have Safe Diwali

100 Words limits Diwali Essay for 2nd class in English

In a nation like India, where religion plays a vital role in each and every aspect of life, people should understand what is Diwali actually and not just a festival of lights, it is more than that.

To be honest there should be a wide project on Diwali festival as it’s a wide subject to be studied and understood by everyone.

Diwali has always been a favourite festival and a favorite holiday homework project of all sorts for kids and students. It is like the best holiday homework of enjoying the festival along with describing with such little efforts and a lot of happiness.

Diwali essay for kids is also an interesting topic as how they celebrate Diwali is very interesting, for the students they are able to write all that they have done and how much they enjoyed the festival. It is like a gift to them about writing an essay about their favourite festival.

It is said that Ramyana and Geeta are the core books that every Hindu has somewhere taught about. These books are major parts of life as it helps us in dealing with day to day problems. On Diwali, these books are studied and there is akhand path in order to show gratitude to our learnings and teachings through these books. And there is pooja of Lakshmi ji and ganpati ji on these festivals.

Kids Share beautifull Diwali Videos to their Freinds on Whatsapp or Facebook. It is a festival that fills our house with blessing of all the god and goddess and help us dealing with all sort of fears of our life.

Few Sentence on Diwali

Deepavali Paragraph in English in 200 Words

You can easily find Diwali essay for kids on internet and can do a lot of searching on the history related to celebration of this festival and can easily write a Deepavali paragraph in English in 200 words and many more than that, of course it is because you have the wide range of information available on internet regarding what kind of festival it is, and how to write about it.

It tells you about how touched and grounded we are in terms of religion, and we never forget our rich and diverse heritage. These festivals are actually a belief and a moment to celebrate and spend a lovely time with our family.

As we do not get much time from our busy schedule and we only get to be with our family when these festivals come. We do find it very good that we are getting the opportunity to be with them.

Diwali has a historical religious background. It is a festival that is celebrated as Lord Rama who was the prince of Ayodhya and was about to be the king. While his mother kekayi was planning something else, she wanted her son Bharat to be the king. She asked Dasaratha to complete the promise which he made years ago. She told Dasaratha to send Rama to vanvasa for 14 years and make Bharata the king of Ayodhya instead.

Moving further father Dasaratha had no other option rather than admitting her promise and he told Rama to leave Ayodhya on the spot.After this Rama went to vanvasa while his father Dasaratha fell sick and fall prey to death. Even this suffering of Dasaratha has a story. The story of Shravan Kumar whose parents cursed Dasaratha that he will also suffer for his son like Shravan’s parents did. So this was a kind of karma to Dasaratha. Afterward, we could see that after completing a time span of 14 years he returned. It was seen that on his journey to the completion of 14 years Rama has fought with many evils and gained victory over them by destroying them completely.

Essay In 200 Words

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