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Happy Dussehra Images for Families
Happy Dussehra Images for Families

Happy Dasara Wishes Quotes for Family: Dasara or Vijaya Dashami has significant importance in the Hindu religion. This holy festival is celebrated to commemorate the victory of love over hatred. This festival emerges from Ayodhya wherein people celebrate this festival after Lord Rama defeated the demon Ravana.

At that time, every family member in Ayodhya celebrated this festival by lighting diyas at their home and greet their family with Dussehra Wishes.

Enjoy this remarkable Hindu festival by sharing Dasara Message to your family members and other relatives. You can share these Vijaya Dashami Greetings with your son, daughter, wife, husband or brother, and sister.

Vijay Dashami Quotes Images
Vijay Dashami Quotes Images

Dussehra Greetings to Family in English

Dussehra festival signifies the triumph of good deeds over bad deeds, this festival falls after Durga Ashtami in the month of October.

This year, greet families and other relatives with our Happy Dussehra Greetings wishes in English font.

Just as Lord Ram eradicated all evil from earth by destroying Ravan, I wish My Family also successfully banish all negative thoughts from mind – Sending Warm Dasara Wishes to Family.

To My Sweet Family,
May this Dussehra,
Light up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dussehra.

I wish that the festival of Vijaya Dashmi brighten up your life with happiness and success… May you are blessed with victories which fill your life with glory…. Wishing Dussehra to the most amazing family!!!

Sending my warm wishes for a happy Dussehra to My Amazing Family! May the day bring you good fortune and success today and forever.

Vijaya Dashami Greeting in English
Vijaya Dashami Greeting in English

Vijaya Dashami Message to Family

Vijaya Dashami is known for Goddess Durga killing Evil Mahisasur, who was against good deeds. This year, we bring Vijaya Dashami Message in English for your family and other relatives.

So, if you are searching for how to wish happy Dassara to Family, then Share these wishes quotes and treat them with happiness.

To the family who has always been there to love and support, I wish you all a Vijay Dashami blessed by Goddess Durgra and Mighty Lord Rama – Thank you to all my family member for your support & love.

In this day and age of modern communications, wishing friends, family and loved ones a Happy Dussehra is as easy as tapping a phone screen – I wish you each and every one Happy Dasara.

Jai Shree Ram
May god shower his
Choicest Blessings on My Family and other relatives
Praying for every Families win over every Hurdle in Life! – Happy Dussehra.

Celebrate the victory of the forces of good over Evil.
Lets celebrate an auspicious day to begin new things in life….
Warm wishes on Dussehra to my loving family.

Dasara Message to Family
Dasara Message to Family

Happy Dasara Wishes for Family in Hindi

According to Hindu Mythology, the Dussehra festival has the highest regard in terms of worshipping and praying. In the Hindu festival on Dasara, every family member does pray and worship god for well being and happiness.

This year, pray god by sharing these Dussehra Wishes Quotes for family members to further strengthen love and bring the family closer to each other.

अधर्म पर धर्म की विजय
असत्य पर सत्य की विजय
बुराई पर अच्छाई की विजय
पाप पर पुण्य की विजय
अत्याचार पर सदाचार की विजय
क्रोध पर दया, क्षमा की विजय
अज्ञान पर ज्ञान की विजय
रावण पर श्रीराम की विजय
के प्रतीक पावन पर्व
Vijay Dashami Wishes to Family in Hindi

त्याग दी सब ख्वाहिशें,
कुछ अलग करने के लिए,
‘राम’ ने खोया बहुत कुछ,
‘श्री राम’ बनने के लिए !!
Sending Dussehra Shayari to Family Members

Ghar ke darwaze khol kar karein swagat Shri Ram ka jo shakti dein humein Dharma aur Karma par date rehne ki…. Vijaya Dashami ki badhai !!

Bagh me phul khile
har khushi aapko mile
kabhi na ho dukho ka samna
Yahi meri Dashhara ki Shubhkamna.

Happy Dussehra Images for Families
Happy Dussehra Images for Families

Happy Dussehra Wishes Quotes in Hindi for Family

Vijay Dashami or Dussehra has its own tradition and different ways of celebrating. In North India, people share Text messages to each other for wishing Vijaya Dashami.

For our readers, we bring amazing collection Dussehra Wishes Quotes in Hindi for all family member, you can copy-paste these Messages through any browser.

To dear family, Duniya Me Naam Ho Roshan Tumhara
Dusro ko Dikha do tum kinara
Yehi Sapna Hai Hamara
Mubarak ho tumko Dussehra 2021.

आज की नई सुबह इतनी सुहानी हो जाए,
आपके दुखों की सारी बातें पुरानी हो जाएं,
दे जाए इतनी खुशियां ये दशहरा आपको,
कि ख़ुशी भी आपके मुस्कुराहट की दीवानी हो जाएं ।
आपको और आपके परिवार को दशहरा की बहुत-बहुत शुभ-कामनायें.

दशहरे की आपको,
पूरे परिवार को बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं एवं बधाई।
दशहरा असत्य पर सत्य की विजय है।
आप भी हर पथ पर विजयी हों, यही भगवान से हमारी मंगल कामना है। – Wishing Dussehra to you and your family

विजयदशमी का त्यौहार
आपके और आपके परिवार के जीवन में
खुशियाँ, सुख, शाँती भर दे॥
Happy Vijaya Dashami

Happy Dussehra Message in English & Hindi
Vijaya Dashami Greetings for Family
How to Wish Dasara to Family

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