7 Creepy Signs a Thief Is Watching Your House

Photo by Ground Picture from shutterstock.com

6. Fake emergencies 

You surely want to help people in need and be a good human being, but how can you tell for sure if someone really needs you or if they only fake it to get something from you?

Burglars might know that you won’t have a problem helping them if they come to your door looking stressed, anxious, and desperate for help. It’s natural to offer your help and assistance to those who need it, which is exactly what they count on.

It’s not that big of a deal for thieves to use pretexts like a vehicle breakdown or an accident to gain entry to a home. This helps them visualize the space and get an idea of how much it’s worth.

Helping other people is one of the most beautiful and genuine things in the world, but be careful who you share your resources with.


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