8 Classic Traits of a Narcissist

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The majority overcomplicate the process of determining whether a person is a narcissist or not. Nowadays, our society is obsessed with the culture of maintaining one’s appearance and being the greatest. Many times, the word “narcissism” is frequently used to characterize those who come off as being too arrogant and full of themselves. 

However, narcissism does not psychologically translate to self-love, at least not the genuine kind. It would be more realistic to state that those with narcissistic personality disorder are infatuated with an exaggerated, grandiose view of themselves.

They shield themselves from profound feelings of insecurity and inferiority by using this exaggerated image of themselves. Something that is always ignored is the fact that it takes a lot of work to maintain their delusions of grandeur, and that’s where problematic behaviors and attitudes come in.

Even when their actions are causing them issues or, even worse, are harming them, individuals with narcissistic personalities are very reluctant to adjust their behavior. They have a tendency to place the blame on others. Moreover, because of their extreme sensitivity, they are easily offended by even the simplest remarks, disagreements, or perceived injustices, since they interpret them as personal attacks.


  1. Dealing with a narcissist is exhausting. I only put up with because I am maternal grandmother to his very young son. God gives me the power and correct words to protect my family. God will have His vengeance with this man who does not provide for his innocent child. I am God’s vessel and through HIM I am more than a conqueror. This narcissist will bow his knee to the Lord God Almighty.

    • Narcissists and the truer they are to the “ideal” narcissist — the more difficult is is to deal with them … its a tough disorder to be subjected to … they are maybe not doing it intentionally — or maybe so … i think there is a spectrum and a tad of narcissism in many of us …. its too bad when innocents are involved … the child … who is innocent but will develop maybe less than innocent qualities as they live in this world … I dont like the images of vengeance and that this person be conquered by a mortal or god even …. that isnt a loving god … but i am sure that god will eradicate this if its evil … if god does exist … i do believe in some creator as man is very vain if he thinks that man created all this … or big bang …
      i will send prayers for this man finally coming to terms with his affect on others and his child and i will send prayers for the child for protection and wisdom to survive this …. and prayers for you for understanding of it all … wish your family and friends well

  2. It’s interesting to know the breakdown of a personality like this. I have known someone with all these characteristics and it’s not fun to live with them. They should be seeing a good psychiatrist but they will not recognize they need help. As is pointed out, it’s always someone else who is at fault.

  3. It appears you are describing both Biden and Trump. But the press can see it in only one, despite how clearly evident.

  4. Every single one of these traits describe Donald J. Trump, to a T. Almost as if he is the model for narcissistic personality disorder. And yes, he could become President again….

  5. Donald Trump is not just an ordinary narcissist. He is what is defined as a “malignant narcissist”, which is when the narcissism is coupled with sociopathy, or criminal tendencies. He’s a very disturbed human being with a serious psychiatric disability who got to be President!

  6. Your description of a narcissist is exactly what the people who voted for Donald J. Trump just love about him!
    He thinks he is the greatest human being ever born, and that is not a lie!
    He would be just like some of today’s parents, and if their children are on a sports team, would argue and maybe physically or verbally assault the coaches or referee’s during the match or game!!
    How can anyone think that this person is qualified or able to hold what is considered the most powerful position or office in the entire free World?
    Just think about this for a minute, he admires communist leaders and authoritarian leadership, Oh really and people want him back in office (Oval) again????

  7. Just ask Joe. He’s got all the answers. Dividing our country, relying on our enemies for energy, crime everywhere, runaway inflation, open border with fentanal everywhere and some allies going along with China which is another disaster for our country.

  8. You want a narcissist to “shut up” while blaming you for everything? Just call them a “NARCISSIST”….automatic silent treatment…..lol..


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