8 Zodiac Signs That Just Can’t Stop Cheating

Photo by Elnur from shutterstock.com

7. Virgo

Those born under the sign of Virgo are known for their soft hearts and antipathy toward fighting with those in their lives. When you’re with someone born under this sign, they won’t just cheer you on, they’ll push you to become a better person, supporting you in all of your dreams. They’re realistic and down-to-earth, so you can trust them to be open about how they really feel.

But don’t get your hopes too high, because there’s another aspect to their character. Virgos might be perfectionists, so it’s likely that they’ll move on from a spouse who falls short of their ideal.

No, a Virgo is not the most likely sign to cheat on their spouse, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hurt their partners. As opposed to infidelity, they will leave you for greener pastures if they feel like you can’t live up to their hopes.


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