8 Zodiac Signs That Just Can’t Stop Cheating

Photo by Dmytro Zinkevych from shutterstock.com

4. SagittariusĀ 

Sagittarius is a very principled sign who would never do anything to harm their reputation. If you’re dating a Sagittarius, don’t be shocked if they bring up the idea of an open relationship and make it appear that they want to see other people right away.

However, things won’t stay like that forever. When it comes to their own growth, Sagittarians value new experiences and dislike routine. Even though they generally like your fare, every once in a while they could choose filet mignon over top sirloin.

If you and your partner have gotten into a bedroom rut because you’ve been using the same location, position, or routine, a trip to another camp for a feast might be just what you need to get back in the mood.


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