4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Be Psychopaths

Sagittarius zodiac sign
Photo by Allexxandar from shuttterstock.com


We don’t want to start it this way, but you’ve probably heard about Ted Bundy and Ed Kemper. Isn’t that right? Oh well, we have some bad news for you—they were both Sagittarius. The most notorious and violent criminals were born under this sign. And we are not the first to say this; the FBI did it before.

Usually, what people know about The Archer is that this sign is a fierce warrior that is always there to fight whenever a glimpse of dishonesty shows up. They can’t stand falsehood and will never tolerate it in their proximity, and by this, we refer to close friends, family, and sometimes even work.

Their ruler is the planet Jupiter, and because it is the planet of luck, these people can sometimes be more fortunate than others, but this depends on more complex astrological stuff, so it’s not always the case.


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