What’s The Deal With Spirit Animals? 8 Facts Explained

Photo by Cranach from shutterstock.com

What if You Are Scared of Your Spirit Animal?

Keep in mind that when you call out for assistance, your spirit animal will respond. Additionally, your soul, or higher self, generally understands what you require in order to heal and regain balance.

Even at times when you feel like jumping off the metaphorical ledge The Spirit (of which we are all a part) knows exactly what animal ally you need at that specific moment. This occasionally requires facing your “shadow self” and gazing into the abyss. This can be terrifying. The Spirit, however, never sends you anything you can’t handle or confront.

An excellent illustration would be the situation where you run into your spirit animal and discover that it is injured. What could this possibly mean? What is the Universe attempting to tell you? The context has a serious impact on the answers to these questions. The context often dictates everything.

So, you see that your spirit animal is wounded. What should you do? Most probably, you should try to save it. This could indicate that in order to heal yourself, you must first change.


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