What’s The Deal With Spirit Animals? 8 Facts Explained

spirit animal
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Can You Have More Than One Spirit Animal?

If you are an emotional being, especially a water sign like Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, your emotions can swing constantly. One day you may need a bear’s guidance, but the next you may need a lamb’s gentle touch to tame the ferocious beast within yourself. Anyone who is more sensitive than the “norm” will find this to be true, and they will notice it most.

It’s likely that you have more than a single spirit animal because, typically, what you need for love, support, wisdom, or healing when you’re 20 may not be what you need when you’re 60. There is a saying: “Each season has its own animal spirit guide”.

A big message or omen can also be sent by the number of animals that appear in your dreams or visions. If the spirit animal appears in a pack, pride, or group of distinct animal spirit guides, this is a clear sign that you might have more than one spirit animal.


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