What’s The Deal With Spirit Animals? 8 Facts Explained

Photo by Melinda Nagy from shutterstock.com

What Spirit Animal Do I Have?

A spirit animal is a teacher or medium that has a close relationship with you and manifests as a beast. Allies for the Spirit, animal guides, or animal helpers are some other names for these entities.

You might mistakenly believe that you get to choose the spirit animal, but actually, it is the other way around. In most cases, the animal guide chooses you or was chosen for you. 

Animals were believed to have a deeper connection to certain Native American tribes in many of their traditions. Many Natives believed their chosen animal was guiding and guarding them through life since they frequently had dreams about it.

In conclusion, only you have the ability to recognize your spirit animal. Many times, you may sense a stronger bond with a particular animal or recognize yourself in some of its characteristics.


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