What Do the Lines on Your Hand Say About You?

Photo by Nomad_Soul from Shutterstock

The shape of a line can be either curved or straight, and it shows how flexible you are in that area of your life.

For instance, you might happen to have a very curved heart line that resembles a half-circle, which could indicate a very nurturing, open, but also emotional nature.

If your heart line is straight, then you might be a guarded individual or particularly self-protective when it comes to your emotions.

There are many differences to take into account between straight and curved head lines. For instance, a curved head line shows creativity, while a straight head line, as you’ve probably guessed…shows a rational, logical human being.

The kind of person who usually thinks in black and white, so to speak. However, despite what people might say, the life line has nothing to do with how long you’re going to live. In fact, it’s more related to how good you feel about your life.


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