5 Ways to Tell If Someone Is a Narcissist or a Psychopath

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How to Deal With Narcissists and Psychopaths

It can be challenging and intimidating to cope with a narcissist or psychopath, especially if you’ve never had to handle conduct like this before. It is important to point out that narcissists and sociopaths rarely attend or participate in mental health therapy because of their tendency to lack awareness of their actions.

A narcissist or psychopath is more likely than any other person with problematic behavior to seek therapy for substance abuse. It can be difficult to comprehend the behaviors of narcissists and psychopaths or to seek help for yourself. These individuals exhibit behaviors that can lead to the emotional, physical, or financial abuse of people who are close to them, regardless of the relationship.

Set and uphold clear boundaries. Any time a boundary is loosened, a sociopath or narcissist is likely to take advantage of the opportunity;

Do not get drawn into the narcissist or psychopath’s world; instead, give yourself time and space to focus on your needs and goals;

Keep an eye on your safety risk and decide when to leave (particularly if you’re dating a psychopath or a narcissist). If necessary, establish a safety plan alongside your network of support;

When addressing the situation at hand, respond without emotion. If the request sounds unrealistic, you could question whether it is reasonable and provide evidence to support your position.

These two diagnoses represent major personality disorders and can be challenging to live with or manage on a regular basis, particularly if you’re already under stress. You are not alone, though, and there are options to locate the light or a pathway that suits you.

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  1. Very good article! I am a mother of a daughter who from birth exhibited very unusual behavior. BY the time she was 3 y/o the highly respected nursery school she attended called me in for an interview. She was very concerned that my daughter was ‘extremely manipulative’ and would cause problems even in my marriage. She was right and my daughter continued to hurt people with no concern for the hurt she caused them. I took her to therapists but she new exactly how to behave properly so her mental health was left for me to deal with. My discipline was never effective. When I asked her one time if she had learned to reason for it she merely stated that ‘she would do it the same way all over again’. I am glad I never used physical discipline as I surmised it would encourage her to become physically abusive. As an adult she did punch a hole in a wall when arguing with a boyfriend and attempted to strike a puppy for peeing on the floor. I was there and protected the puppy but do not know how she was when I was not around. I finally told her at age 38 that I could no longer accept her damaging me, lying about me and enjoying the pain she caused me. I told her I would no longer communicate with her. I thought (hoped) she would apologize for all the hurt she caused me but I never heard from her again. That was 20 years ago! I have and never did have a daughter. She never loved me or showed me love in any way. I cannot deny that I have cried many tears over her. a true psychopath, and I pray for the Lord to heal her. I am 79 years old and disabled but I have no child to love me. I am not the only person she has hurt. So many have been attacked by her in numerous ways. She denies and laughs at what she has done. My mother’s heart aches for the baby that never loved me—ever.


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